Vervangen cardanolie NT650V

How to unload old and supply new oil to the posterior, in other words how to change the oil of the transmission.

First go for a ride of minimum 15 minutes duration, to make sure the transmission oil is sufficiently warm. Heat makes the oil thinner and therefore it will drain better out of the tranny.

Put the bike on it's sisdestand. Remove the drain plug filler cap taking care not to loose the washer on the drain plug.

Inspect the aluminum washer on the drain plug, you might want to get a new one every other time.

Drain for as long as it takes.

Bring out your best transmission oil.

Tighten the drain plug - 12 Nm torque. Put the bike on its centerstand. Fill up.

Fill up - let it settle and fill up again until the oil is level with the filler hole. If you fill too much it will spill from the filler hole. Wipe off the filler cap sealing and put it back. Take care not to overtighten.
Final note.
The recommended inteval is 36000 km, but i do this every time i change engine oil (every 10000 km).