Vervangen luchtfilter NT650V


Step one : buy a new airfilter
The first thing you need to do is to lay your moist hands on a new arfilter. Here is a picture of the tag on the package i bougt from my local HPP ( Honda Parts Pusher ) supposed to contain a new airfilter for my Deauville, which it actually did.

Tools of the trade

Tools needed for this job
I never use crap tools when fiddling with my Deauville, and i always keep my aerosol collection at hand, to clean and lubricate all the parts i get in contact with, while i am at it. I also use copper paste on nut and bolt threads when assembling, to avois seizure.
The tools needed for this job is 8mm, 10mm & 12mm socket wreches with extensioner and rachet.
A 5 mm Unbraco hex key (left screwdriver lookalike). I preffer to use the screwdriver type to avoid damage to the surrounding fairing when tightening /untightening.
And finally a screwdriver, star type (or whatchummacallit).
In addition i used some clean rags, for cleaning the grit, grime and dirt off the dismatled parts, and the ignition key, to unlock the seat, allowing it to be removed.

Seat & sidepanels

Seat & sidepanels : removal of the gesitz.
Use ignition key to unlock seat. Lift rear end out of the lock, pull seat off backwards. Unscrew hex bolt on left sidepanel and remove. Remove right sidepanel ( no scewing involved ).

Tank front area

Tank front area : get rid of these 4 bolts and 2 nuts.
Two 10 (or 8)mm nuts, two star screws and two unbraco hex screws.

Tank rear left

Tank rear left : fuel cock & tank bolt
Pull the fairing plastic cock out of it's rubber vulva in the tank.

Close and prefferably remove the fuel cock handle. This involves a screwdriver to unscrew the screw in center of the cock handle.

Pull off the main fuel supply tube from the fuelcock. This causes some fuel spill.

Remove the 12mm bolt from the rear end of the tank.

Tank rear right

Tank rear right : fuel overfill & breather tube
Remove these two rubber tubes by pulling them downwards. Pull fairing plastick blob out of tank rubber mount. Make a bed for the tank. You do not want to damage the paintwork or the fuelcock by letting it rest on your concrete shed floor. I use my lawn as bed and a piece of wood as riser, to keep the fuelcock off ground. Lift off the tank gently. Avoid damaging the fairing. Place tank in bed.

Airbox rear

Airbox rear : pressurising tubes (or whatever their name is)
Pull off these two rubber tubes by loosening the steel clamp and thereafter pulling the tube off. Help them move, if nececcary, with a flat screwdriver (Yes, i forgot to mention that you might just need a convetional flat screwdriver on the - tools needed - page. Sorry!)

Airbox lid

Airbox lid : 10 lid screws
The ten screws that holds the lid of the lunchbox in place are situated as indicated. Remove in random order.

The moment of truth

The moment of truth : 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. 0 and we have lift off
Be sure to wear white gloves on this important occasion.

When it all looks clean

When it all looks clean you are ready to drop in the new filter
Do not loose any tools, rags, nuts, dirt or any other kind of object into the two air intakes. This is the moment it usually starts to rain.

The old one

The old one does not look too bad, does it?
Note Bicycle Repair Man's silly grin, which proves that even an imbecile can change the airfilter of a Deauville.

In goes the new filter.

In goes the new filter, no more heavy breething from this Deauville.

Lid on.

Lid on
Master of illutions. (Yes, same picture as lid off, so i flipped it horizontally to make it look different.)

Put back the ten screws.

Put back the ten screws.
This time use cross tightening and equal amount of torque.

Back goes the tank.

Back goes the tank
Pop back the two tubes. Remember the two pressureizer tubes.

Fuel reconnect.

Fuel reconnect
Snap everything back together.

Go for test ride.

Go for test ride Let the Deauvillevie feel the open air trough it's new breether.